Electronic Beach - N-Gen EP [LUNG018]

Electronic Beach - N-Gen EP

[LUNG018] - Electronic Beach - N-Gen EP *OUT NOW* by Lung Filler Records

The 'N-Gen EP' sees Electronic Beach bring fresh original material to the label since his range of remixes for our previous release. The tracks have a warm consistency that blurs the boundaries between progressive, techno and electronica. The EP features four tracks 'No Rest', 'Grounds', 'Elements' and 'Nova'.

'No Rest' is a stripped back electronica infused techno track with a strong influence from early progressive house. The track builds percussive sounds that echo around the stereo field creating moving textures that work throughout the track. The arrangement is smooth with no drastic changes.

'Grounds' works a deep sub bass pattern over a simple kick pattern while reverberant synth hits move around the foreground of the mix. After a short break the track moves forward with tightly programmed hi hats, shakers and percussion. Echoing lead sounds move between the back and foreground before the track settles on a pulsing 8th note chord progression that ends the track perfectly.

'Elements' starts with a textural arpeggio that works into the background of the mix, as the drums and long pad texture emerge to the front of the mix. The main hook of the track is an infectious bass hook, similar to progressive and electronic hooks from the late 90s.

'Nova' builds an overdriven swelling sound into the background of the mix as percussion starts to build. Tightly programmed drums and panning automation really drive the track forward, as a single chord hook dominates the track. The space in the mix is moving through and across a smooth arrangement that rounds the EP off nicely.

Artist: Electronic Beach
Title: N-Gen EP
Label: Lung Filler Records
Cat nr.: LUNG018
Genre: Techno, Progressive, Electronica
Type: EP Review
Rls date: 23-03-2011
Webstores: beatport.com / itunes.apple.com/gb/album/n-gen-ep/id423687222

01. No Rest 06:45
02. Grounds 06:19
03. Elements 06:49
04. Nova 08:15

DJ Support and Feedback:

Fabrizio Pettorelli: "thanks mate really good job FULL SUPPORT!"

Sisko Electrofanatik: "cool fresh sounds and experimental work!! FULL SUPPORT!"

Dj KeyWee / Steve Monfette: "Now that's a deep track 🙂 really cool"

Dj Chad E: "very well described by info" (must have liked our press release haha)

Mike King: "no rest and grounds are my picks. in the mix!"

Brandon Koykka: "deep dark, liquid sounds. make you feel like your in a cave"

DJ DiRRty HaRRi: "solid track, great beats!"

Dj Shawker (Adrian Molle): "good dance track"

Hawker: "cool track"

WayneWarne: "Great tune will be supporting"

Marc Pole: "Killer"

Sasha Le Monnier: "Nice deep, work"

George G.: "nice one!"

Ingo Vogelmann: "great stuff, thanks!"

Gene (mauro genitrini): "strange atmosphere"

Gene (mauro genitrini): "so static"

Jon Herbert: "Nice n driving tech feel"

Andy Arias: "sweet melo!"

Andy Arias: "massive"

Marteen (Tomaz Martin): "calm tune ... nice :)"

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