Dr Packer's Different Strokes, Vol. 2

Dr Packer's Different Strokes Volume 2

RELEASE TITLE Dr Packer's Different Strokes Volume 2
LABEL Glitterbox Recordings
GENRE Soul / Funk / Disco / Nu Disco
RELEASE DATE 2020-06-19

  1. The Shapeshifters, Kimberly Davis - Life Is A Dancefloor feat. Kimberly Davis (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 07:17 121bpm Dmin
  2. Jean Jacques Smoothie, Tara Busch - 2People feat. Tara Busch (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 05:38 120bpm A#min
  3. Kathy Brown, Eminence - Give It Up feat. Kathy Brown (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:54 120bpm Bmaj
  4. Aeroplane, Tawatha Agee - Love On Hold feat. Tawatha Agee (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:42 118bpm Cmin
  5. Fish Go Deep, Tracey K - The Cure & The Cause (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:17 123bpm Dmaj
  6. Hardsoul, Ron Carroll - Back Together feat. Ron Carroll (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 07:00 122bpm Emin
  7. Bobby D'Ambrosio, Lasala - Runaway Love feat. Lasala (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:57 112bpm A#maj
  8. Lemelle - You Got Something Special (Dr Packer Edit) 07:21 121bpm D#min
  9. Amy Douglas, Horse Meat Disco - Let's Go Dancing feat. Amy Douglas (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:36 120bpm F#min
  10. ATFC, Lisa Millett - Sleep Talk feat. Lisa Millett (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 07:32 120bpm D#min
  11. The Muthafunkaz, Marc Evans - I Don't Want You Anymore feat. Marc Evans (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:35 123bpm Bmin
  12. Seamus Haji - Boogie 2nite (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:56 122bpm Gmin
  13. Soulsearcher - Feelin' Love (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 07:17 124bpm F#min
  14. Lisa Millett, The Experiment, The Lab Rats - Music Is My Way Of Life feat. Lisa Millett (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 07:06 120bpm D#min
  15. Seamus Haji, Those Guys - I Walk Alone (For Your Love) (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 07:32 116bpm Amin
  16. Roberto Surace - Joys (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:26 116bpm A#min
  17. Seamus Haji, Bryan Chambers - I Got You feat. Bryan Chambers (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 06:59 120bpm G#min
  18. Chromeo, AL-P, Slam Dunk'd - No Price feat. Chromeo, Al-P (Dr Packer Extended Remix) 08:06 123bpm Cmin
  19. The Shapeshifters, Teni Tinks - Try My Love feat. Teni Tinks (Dr Packer Extended (On For Size)) 08:14 120bpm Amin
  20. Reel People, Angela Johnson - You Used To Hold Me So Tight feat. Angela Johnson (Dr Packer Remix) 07:01 116bpm Amaj

Presenting the long awaited follow up to 'Dr Packer's Different Strokes', the king of disco re-edits Dr Packer graces Glitterbox Recordings with twenty of his expert takes on well-loved treasures in the second volume of the series, along with two sublime continuous mixes. 'Dr Packer's Different Strokes Volume 2' features the Australian selector's versions of soulful house favourites, disco standards and groove-laden floorfillers for your listening pleasure. This blissful delivery includes album exclusives such as exceptional re-works of Horse Meat Disco featuring Amy Douglas 'Let's Go Dancing', Fish Go Deep & Tracey K 'The Cure & The Cause' and Roberto Surace 'Joys'. Also appearing on the album are recent gems from Dr Packer's disco factory including his remix of Bobby D'Ambrosio featuring Lasala 'Runaway Love' and Lemelle 'You Got Something Special' Edit. Breathing new life into your most beloved dance records so you can fall in love with them all over again, this twenty-track collection is a joyous celebration of house and disco, and a stunning ode to the dancefloor.

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