GENRE Electronica / Downtempo, Deep House, House, Tech House, Techno (Peak Time / Driving / Hard), Melodic House & Techno, Indie Dance, Minimal / Deep Tech, Drum & Bass
RELEASE DATE 2020-06-12


  1. B.Traits - Rest (Original Mix) 05:26 99bpm A#maj
  2. Daniel Avery - In Your Sleep (Original Mix) 03:53 84bpm Amin
  3. The Chemical Brothers - Catch Me I'm Falling (Losing You Mix) 04:56 114bpm Bmin
  4. Apiento, Tepper - Blossoms (Original Mix) 05:52 117bpm Gmin
  5. Luke Vibert - That's ill Folks (Original Mix) 03:39 100bpm Cmin
  6. DJ Harvey, Locussolus, Heidi Lawden - Next To You (Kiwi Remix) 09:45 105bpm Amin
  7. FYI Chris - SWH (No Boundaries) (Original Mix) 06:48 127bpm G#maj
  8. Matthew Herbert - Indigo (Original Mix) 05:53 120bpm Dmaj
  9. Luke Solomon - Wait (Original Mix) 07:04 118bpm Amin
  10. Groove Armada - He's On My Heart (Original Mix) 05:21 109bpm Emaj
  11. JD Twitch - Is It All Over The Place? (Original Mix) 07:32 122bpm Fmaj
  12. Joe Goddard, Iggor Cavalera, Mutado Pintado, Laima - Play Doh (Original Mix) 03:56 120bpm A#maj
  13. Playgroup - Ringpiece (Demo) 05:35 110bpm F#min
  14. K-Lone - Undercliff (Original Mix) 05:19 120bpm Amaj
  15. Nathan Fake - Arboretum (Original Mix) 06:29 130bpm Cmaj
  16. Big Miz - Merek (Original Mix) 05:39 133bpm Dmin
  17. Hammer, James Shinra - Lunar Seven (Original Mix) 05:48 124bpm Emin
  18. Jas Shaw - Joy Multiplication (Original Mix) 04:36 72bpm A#min
  19. Crooked Man - This Time (Original Mix) 10:42 128bpm Fmaj
  20. Clark - Laptop Stand (Original Mix) 03:16 110bpm D#maj
  21. Damian Lazarus, Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons - Levitate (Original Mix) 07:01 123bpm A#min
  22. Jamie Jones, Kate Simko - Mind Games (Instrumental) 05:33 123bpm Amin
  23. Maya Jane Coles - Keep It Moving (Original Mix) 05:24 125bpm Amin
  24. Amy Douglas, Joe Goddard - Workin' feat. Amy Douglas (Original Mix) 04:29 126bpm Gmaj
  25. Miguel Campbell, Benoit, Beccs Lott - Blonde Bomb feat. Beccs Lott (Original Mix) 06:17 122bpm C#min
  26. Dusky - Justified (Original Mix) 06:21 126bpm A#min
  27. Dense & Pika - Pleasure Stacker (Original Mix) 06:16 125bpm Amaj
  28. Mason Maynard - Black 'N' White (Original Mix) 06:21 129bpm Amin
  29. Solardo, Richard Judge, Sosa UK - Chemical Edge (Original Mix) 07:23 124bpm A#maj
  30. Eats Everything - It'll Be Over Soon (Original Mix) 06:29 133bpm Dmin
  31. Patrick Topping - Totality (Original Mix) 07:24 128bpm Dmin
  32. Pete Tong, John Monkman - Aquarius (Original Mix) 07:15 125bpm C#maj
  33. Nic Fanciulli - THE RETURN OF MANGO FLOW (Original Mix) 07:05 124bpm Amin
  34. Jaden Thompson - Eve's Drop (Original Mix) 06:36 127bpm Dmin
  35. Waze & Odyssey - Plus & Minus (Original Mix) 05:56 125bpm A#min
  36. Radio Slave - Sabre (Original Mix) 05:21 124bpm Cmaj
  37. Nightwave - Sadhana (Original Mix) 06:40 135bpm Fmaj
  38. SCB - KTS3E (Original Mix) 04:51 130bpm Gmin
  39. Lauren Lo Sung - Lucid Dream (Original Mix) 05:47 130bpm Gmin
  40. Archie Hamilton - Waiting Game (Original Mix) 05:40 127bpm Amin
  41. Karousel, Laura Jones - No Borders (Original Mix) 07:06 127bpm Amin
  42. Jordan. - Quar (Original Mix) 05:58 120bpm G#maj
  43. Anna Wall, Thoma Bulwer - Peace Of Mind (Original Mix) 06:50 127bpm Fmin
  44. Nova Cheq - Dopamine Domain (Original Mix) 06:17 143bpm Gmin
  45. 3STRANGE - Xylophone Funk (Original Mix) 05:31 170bpm Amin

The Chemical Brothers, Jamie Jones, Pete Tong, Groove Armada, DJ Harvey, Maya Jane Coles and many more join forces to raise money for NHS Charities Together with the CARE4LIFE compilation. “This is a really lovely way to help raise much needed funds for support now and during the recovery from COVID-19. The funds will help support NHS staff, volunteers and patients affected by the pandemic. We hope you can support this brilliant project and thanks to everyone that already has.” (Ellie Orton, Chief Executive, NHS Charities Together) An unprecedented array of electronic music’s finest artists have come together to create the 45 track compilation of exclusive music, donated 100% for free with all proceeds going to official fundraising partner, NHS Charities Together (registered charity no.1186569). NHS Charities Together is currently working to provide, in their next round of funding, additional support they feel is most urgently needed by NHS staff, volunteers and patients in their area, with a particular focus on support for people who are disproportionately affected by the Covid crisis, such as patients and staff from the BAME communities and other groups including those living with disabilities. “Through the challenges of the Covid19 pandemic we have all developed a new understanding and awareness about the role our frontline health professionals undertake, and as a nation we are all united in our appreciation of the incredible work they have delivered in the face of much adversity and pressure in the last couple of months. In the continued spirit of people coming together in this time of need, the CARE4LIFE project hopes that this amazing collection of music can contribute to easing that pressure by giving some much needed support to these frontline workers from our fellow artists and friends in the music industry and its surrounding community.” (CARE4LIFE, May 2020) CARE4LIFE features new, exclusive and unheard music from the vaults, hard drives and archives of UK artists as diverse as Jamie Jones, Nathan Fake, Groove Armada, Joe Goddard and Pete Tong alongside tracks from Radio Slave, DJ Harvey, Matthew Herbert, Crooked Man, Daniel Avery and many more. CARE4LIFE is a truly varied and diverse listening experience that not only mirrors the collective talents involved, it wholeheartedly celebrates the openness and love that the NHS has shown us all at some stage throughout most of our lives here in Britain and beyond. “The light of love and positivity has been brighter than ever during this time. It would be preferable to live in a world where institutions like the NHS aren’t considered charities kept afloat by the caring classes but, today, it’s nice to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with everyone doing what they can. The sharing of music feels more powerful now than ever.” (Daniel Avery)

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