Rebirth Essentials Volume Sixteen FLAC

Rebirth Essentials Volume Sixteen

RELEASE TITLE Rebirth Essentials Volume Sixteen
LABEL Rebirth
GENRE Electronica / Downtempo, Indie Dance, House, Afro House, Deep House
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2019-12-30

Another year of great music for Rebirth and to close with a bang, we present our brand new installment of the Rebirth Essentials compilation, including our best releases of the last 12 months.

  1. SoDPM, Coqui Tramontana - Desierto (Original Mix) 07:31 99bpm Amin
  2. Robytek, Shield, Katia Ricciarelli - Habanera (DOP & Rothko Ensemble Remix) 07:45 120bpm Dmin
  3. Paolo Mantini - Jump Over The Hill (Original Mix) 05:45 122bpm D#min
  4. Piano 7 - About Music (Original Mix) 06:17 114bpm Fmaj
  5. DJ Rocca - Capitol Hill (Original Mix) 06:32 120bpm A#maj
  6. Javonntte, Bllue Mondays - Something About You (Esoteric Mix) 08:18 120bpm Amin
  7. Paolo Mantini - Jump Over The Hill (2000Black Remix) 06:03 122bpm Amin
  8. SAMBA MAPANGALA - Matadi (Shield & Robytek Remix) 06:20 122bpm Amin
  9. Wallflower - How Long? (Nandu Remix) 07:17 120bpm G#maj
  10. Novecento, Billy Cobham - The Vibe Inside (Emanuel Satie Remix) 06:35 124bpm Emaj
  11. Ernest & Frank - On Earth (Original Mix) 05:42 121bpm Gmin
  12. Eleonora, Modular Project - Vivid Poison (Perel 1996 Remix) 06:36 118bpm Fmin
  13. Robytek, Shield, Katia Ricciarelli - Habanera (Beatless Mix) 05:47 110bpm Dmaj


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