Rockets Remixed #1 TR344 FLAC

Rockets Remixed #1

RELEASE TITLE Rockets // Remixed #1
LABEL Tronic
GENRE Techno
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2019-12-16

We have been doing our regular 'Rockets' compilations with only exclusive tracks for 7 editions now. Instead of only releasing these VA's we have decided to take it one step further and start regular remix editions as well. Not only is this a way to showcase the best performing tracks on these albums, but it also gives a chance for the artists on these 'Rockets' VA's to support and remix each other!
We take big pride in supporting up and coming artists at Tronic, and we hope you like this first remix edition!

  1. Luca Marchese - Transmit (Teenage Mutants & Heerhorst Remix) 07:12 125bpm Amaj
  2. D-Unity - Feel (Loco & Jam Remix) 06:38 126bpm A#min
  3. Adoo - Percussion Night (Eric Sneo Remix) 06:35 131bpm Amin
  4. LAAT - Take Me Back (Ron Costa Remix) 06:34 127bpm D#min
  5. Angioma - Hope (The Southern, Devid Dega Remix) 08:02 130bpm Amaj
  6. Frank Biazzi - Detection (Oliver Lieb Remix) 08:06 127bpm Amaj
  7. Ron Costa - Can Stop (LAAT Remix) 06:17 128bpm Emaj
  8. Sinisa Tamamovic - Flashback (D-Unity Remix) 05:54 130bpm Cmin
  9. Eric Sneo - Technojunkies (Adoo Remix) 06:45 130bpm D#min
  10. Devid Dega, The Southern - On Acid (Angioma Remix) 06:31 124bpm Gmin


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