Nite Grooves Presents Eclectic Dub Grooves (25 Years Essentials) FLAC

Nite Grooves Presents Eclectic Dub Grooves (25 Years Essentials)

RELEASE TITLE Nite Grooves Presents Eclectic Dub Grooves (25 Years Essentials)
LABEL Nite Grooves
GENRE House, Afro House, Deep House, Classic House, Soulful House, Tech House
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2019-11-29

True to our name, we here at Nite Grooves have compiled 25 of our deepest & grooviest cuts paying perfect homage to “The Dub” with our “Eclectic Dub Grooves (25 Years Essentials)” compilation! Expect to hear new and past material from producers such as Dennis Ferrer, Dennis Cruz, Mihalis Safras, Kerri Chandler, Metodi Hristov, Martin Solveig, Hector Couto, Guy Gerber, Sunshine Jones, Tom Ellis, DJ Spen, Sean McCabe, Samu.I, DJ Aakmael, Local Options, Darksidevinyl, and MORE!

  1. Darksidevinyl - Wangaa (Unreleased Original Mix) 06:11 122bpm Dmin
  2. DJ Aakmael - Avant Garde (FNX Omar Remix) 07:00 120bpm Bmin
  3. Local Options - Be My Satellite (Original Mix) 06:38 118bpm Amin
  4. Yamil, Dennis Cruz - You & Me (Dub Mix) 07:00 120bpm Amin
  5. Superlover - My Love (Original Mix) 06:17 122bpm D#maj
  6. 9west, Cat - Hear The Sound (Kruse & Nuernberg Dub Mix) 06:54 122bpm Dmin
  7. Dennis Ferrer - Transitions (Mihalis Safras Clubby Remix) 07:24 123bpm D#maj
  8. Metodi Hristov - Insert Feelings (Original Mix) 07:20 123bpm Bmin
  9. Kerri Chandler - Hallelujah (Kaoz Club Mix) 07:48 124bpm A#min
  10. Blaze, Barbara Tucker, UDAUFL - Most Precious Love (Martin Solveig Re-edit) 08:01 125bpm Gmin
  11. DJ Vivona - Black (80's Pop Mix) 07:27 125bpm Amaj
  12. DJ Da - Get The Love From You (Hector Couto Remix) 07:16 125bpm Amaj
  13. Sergey Sanchez, Mag Day Chuk - Follow The Melody (Dave Pad Remix) 07:52 125bpm Amin
  14. Samu.l - Bella Mattina (Original Mix) 09:23 124bpm Amin
  15. John Rivera - Believe In Me (Demarkus Lewis Dub) 06:17 127bpm Fmaj
  16. Guy Gerber - Turkish Delight (Gerber’s Palmettos Mix) 07:28 128bpm Emin
  17. YMC - Hot Cargo (Original Mix) 04:55 100bpm Dmin
  18. Cee ElAssaad, Essam Tayeb - Ascending Aurora (Voodoo Mix) 06:48 118bpm A#min
  19. Sunshine Jones - Dirty Love (Original Mix) 07:39 118bpm Dmin
  20. Meeshoo - City Streets (Original Mix) 06:48 119bpm F#min
  21. From P60 - Slow Movements In The Night (Original Mix) 06:59 120bpm Cmin
  22. Tom Ellis - Off On A Tangent (Original Mix) 05:54 122bpm Cmin
  23. Anthony Nicholson - Anthem Noir (Original Mix) 09:13 125bpm Cmin
  24. Carolyn Harding, Kerri Chandler - Pick It Up (Sean McCabe Dub Mix) 07:42 125bpm A#min
  25. Ananda Project, Terrance Downs - Where Do You Come From (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Journey Into DubLand Mix) 05:50 125bpm C#min


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