ANNA Galactic Highways Chart

ANNA Galactic Highways Chart

RELEASE TITLE Galactic Highways Chart
GENRE Techno
DATE CREATED 2019-11-20
RELEASE DATE 2019-12-01
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit


  1. ANNA - Dimensions (Original Mix) 06:02 130bpm Dmaj Drumcode
  2. ANNA - Galactic Highways (Original Mix) 05:57 130bpm D#min Drumcode
  3. ANNA - Phase Two (Original Mix) 06:29 129bpm Bmin Drumcode
  4. Benjamin Damage - Ripple (Original Mix) 06:04 135bpm A#min Figure
  5. Fred Hush - Miles & More (Mark Broom Remix) 05:56 130bpm Bmin Cherry Moon Records
  6. Jon Hester - Zoned (Original Mix) 06:13 134bpm F#min Rekids
  7. Kan - Masquerade (Setaoc Mass Remix) 06:02 134bpm Amin Corpus
  8. Miss Kittin, ANNA - Forever Ravers (Original Mix) 06:00 129bpm Amin Kompakt Extra
  9. Planetary Assault Systems - Kamani (Original Mix) 08:18 133bpm F#maj Ostgut Ton
  10. Wishmountain - Bottle (Len Faki Deepspace Mix) 05:01 128bpm A#min LF RMX

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