DJ Steaw November Chart

DJ Steaw November Chart

RELEASE TITLE November Chart
GENRE House, Deep House, Minimal / Deep Tech
DATE CREATED 2019-11-26
RELEASE DATE 2019-12-01
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit


  1. Bass Bumpers - Give Yourself to Me (Original Mix) 04:15 126bpm Bmin Brilliant Beats
  2. Chromatic Filters - Eugene (Original Mix) 06:32 114bpm Amaj Rebirth
  3. Cinthie - 6am (Original Mix) 06:13 125bpm Dmin Sound Of Vast
  4. Dennis Quin - Jealous (Original Mix) 05:19 125bpm Dmin House Puff Records
  5. DJ Steaw - On Sunset (Original Mix) 06:38 126bpm Emin META
  6. DJ Steaw - Way out (Original Mix) 05:56 124bpm Bmin Rutilance Recordings
  7. Eli Escobar, Nomi Ruiz - Dance 4 Love '99 (Club Mix) 06:00 118bpm Emin Glitterbox Recordings
  8. Felix Da Housecat, Chris Trucher - Thee Trk! (Honey Dijon Re-Edit) 06:10 124bpm Ebm Classic Music Company
  9. Huxley - Self Affirmation feat. She Koro (Original Mix) 06:58 129bpm Fmaj Hot Haus Recs
  10. SJ Tequilla - Sanya (Original Mix) 06:11 124bpm Amin Craigie Knowes

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