Traxsource Essential Soulful (11 Nov 2019)

Traxsource Essential Soulful (11 Nov 2019)
RELEASE TITLE Traxsource Essential Soulful (11 Nov 2019)
GENRE Soulful House
DATE CREATED 2019-11-11
RELEASE DATE 2019-12-01

  1. Allen Craig, Tobirus Mozelle - Never Alone (Vocal) 06:26 123bpm Dm Moulton Music
  2. Arnold Jarvis & Alix Alvarez - Rising Into Joy (Mannix Rising Pianos Vocal Mix) 09:21 122bpm Cm Black Vinyl
  3. Artwork, N.W.n, Kage - Sunny Days (Original Mix) 07:00 120bpm Gm Pasqua Records
  4. Barbara Mason - Another Man (Eric Kupper Mix) 08:04 121bpm Am Society Hill ; EMG
  5. Beat Rivals, Ms Swaby - I Know (SoulLab Remix) 07:07 124bpm F#m Rival Beat Records
  6. Blizzard Beats - Sentimentos 07:32 120bpm Gm Deep Fusion Records
  7. Bobby Surround - One Chance (James Deron Soulvibes Remix) 06:25 123bpm Cm Plastik People Digital
  8. BrightKay - Do I (feat. Nhlanzeko) 06:05 122bpm Ebm Cool Staff Records
  9. Dana Weaver - Sunday Kind Of Love (DjPope Funkhut Vocal) 07:31 125bpm Em POJI Records
  10. Deep Elementz - Pray (Underground Soul Dance Mix) 08:50 120bpm Dbm Night Scope Deep Recordings
  11. Dennis Ferrer feat. K.T. Brooks - How Do I Let Go (Doug Gomez Merecumbe Soul Remix) 07:03 124bpm Abm King Street Sounds
  12. DJ Queen B - Changes 03:18 123bpm Ebm In It Together Records
  13. DJ Randall Smooth, T.S.O.N. - Tell Me About Love (Nola Jazzy Instrumental) 06:08 120bpm Ebm ChiNolaSoul
  14. Dj Umbi, Vincent Bates - Do It With Style (Original Mix) 07:25 124bpm Dbm HSR Records
  15. Ethiopian Chyld, Koki Riba - Do You Remember (Ethiopian Melanin Mix) 05:44 117bpm Gm House Head Session
  16. Groove Assassin - The Underground 06:47 125bpm Bbm Things May Change!
  17. Haldo, Georgia Cee, Dante Blak - Open Your Mind (Main Mix) 05:05 120bpm Cm Open Bar Music
  18. Jesse Saunders - Now That We Found Love (Original Mix) 06:46 126bpm Cm Deeplomatic Recordings
  19. Jestofunk, Jocelyn Brown - Special Love (Micky More & Andy Tee Club Dub) 06:13 122bpm Gm IRMA DANCEFLOOR
  20. JoioDJ, D'Bra Powell - Don't Give Up (Original Mix) 05:40 122bpm Bbm Dejavoo Tribe Records
  21. Latour - Body Come Alive (feat. Lee Wilson) (Extended Mix) 06:01 118bpm Dbm Hot Sunday Records
  22. Mark Francis, Kia Stewart - Life Lessons (SMB Dub Vocal Mix) 05:46 125bpm Cm Quantize Recordings
  23. Marlon Kirk, SoulTwins - Thinkin' 'Bout You (SoulTwins' Dub-A-Like Broken Remix) 06:59 122bpm F#m Unprincipled Records
  24. Ragged Groove - Fly Away (Nu Ground Foundation Intrigo Dub) 06:37 126bpm Bbm Smashing Trax Records
  25. Ross Couch - My Antidote 05:57 120bpm Am Body Rhythm
  26. Roy Jazz Grant - Lead Me Now (Soul Smack Club Mix) 07:09 124bpm Gm House Miami Records
  27. Sol Brown, Angela Johnson - Get Over (Main Mix) 08:30 125bpm Cm Love Stay Recordings
  28. Soul Deep Collective & Anthony Poteat - He Will Be (Vocal Mix) 06:52 125bpm Ebm Integrity Records
  29. Stacy Kidd, Coco Street - Making Of You (Main Mix) 07:08 124bpm B House 4 Life
  30. Steve Paradise, Asha Edmund - Sunshine (You Make My Life Feel Better) (Paradise Mix) 07:05 124bpm Cm Uno Mas Digital Recordings
  31. Steven Stone, Pete Simpson - Sometimes (Inaky Garcia Remix) 06:03 122bpm Em Soul Deluxe
  32. Tuff Vibes - Baby Do You Feel Me (Vocal Mix) 06:04 127bpm Em Plastik People Recordings
  33. Tush (CA) - Don't Be Afraid 06:05 122bpm Abm Do Right! Music
  34. Wil Milton & Rodney Carter Ricoh & Lauren - I'm Still Here (Bliss NYC Vocal LRemastered) 09:32 124bpm Am Blak Ink Music Group
  35. Yooks, Unqle Chriz - I CARE (Original Mix) 06:13 120bpm Am Newtown Recordings

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