Bar25 Zeitgeist Vol. 5 BAR25107

Bar25: Zeitgeist Vol. 5

RELEASE TITLE Bar25: Zeitgeist Vol. 5
LABEL Bar 25 Music
GENRE Melodic House & Techno, Deep House, Electronica / Downtempo, House, Techno, Indie Dance
AUDIO FORMAT FLAC Lossless 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2019-11-08

Long ago, we met on a path of freedom, joy and timeless moments. That is what our ¨Zeitgeist¨ compilations are all about. Today, we present you the 5th version of this series, in which the past and the future converge. This time, there is a melodic selection of new and already known songs by some talented artists, including Brydie Tong & Francesco Mami, Clarian, Dachshund, Dan Buri feat. Felix Raphael, DKA, Dole & Kom, Dubelu & Thds, Jigger Moon, Juanma Sanchez & Cosmogram, KMLN & Roderic, Marco Tegui & Night Vision, Niko Schwind & Carsten Rausch, Nilu & Kaimo, N´to, Pauke Schaumburg, Purple Kaiser, She Knows, Tantsui and Umami. It is time to bring back the memories and forge new ones with this amazing package of hot music! Love it!

  1. Jigger Moon - Where Do You Go? (Niko Schwind & Carsten Rausch Remix) 07:35 116bpm Amin
  2. DKA, Zaccaria Malak, Sinead Maya - You And Me (Original Mix) 07:46 120bpm Emin
  3. Umami - Das Horn (Original Mix) 06:44 119bpm Emaj
  4. Dan Buri, Felix Raphael - The Fallen (Original Mix) 07:07 120bpm Dmin
  5. Purple Kaiser - Spreeside (N'to Remix) 05:06 120bpm Amin
  6. She Knows - Lost In Translation (Original Mix) 05:48 117bpm Fmaj
  7. Juanma Sanchez, The Cosmogram - Goddess (Original Mix) 08:35 120bpm D#min
  8. Night Vision, Marco Tegui, Starving Yet Full - Save Me (Phonique Remix) 08:02 122bpm Gmaj
  9. Pauke Schaumburg - Capri (Original Mix) 06:27 118bpm A#min
  10. Dachshund - Weightlessness (Original Mix) 06:15 125bpm Fmaj
  11. Dole & Kom - Together Onetime (Original Mix) 06:59 124bpm Gmin
  12. Tantsui - Frozen Stars (Original Mix) 05:06 122bpm Gmaj
  13. Clarian - Toad The Mighty Sword Swallower (Original Mix) 05:54 118bpm Amin
  14. Francesco Mami, Brydie Tong - Equinox Calling (Original Mix) 06:12 119bpm Gmin
  15. KMLN, Roderic - Aurora (Holger Hecler Remix) 08:19 110bpm Dmin
  16. KAIMO, NILU (DK) - Botafogo (Original Mix) 06:28 109bpm Amin
  17. Dubelu, thds - In Paris (Original Mix) 05:18 107bpm F#min


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