Rockets // Launch 07 TR337 WAV / FLAC

Rockets // Launch 07

RELEASE TITLE Rockets // Launch 07
LABEL Tronic
GENRE Techno
QUALITY Lossless WAV / FLAC 16bit
RELEASE DATE 2019-09-30

  1. Anna Reusch - Runnin' (Original Mix) 07:25 84bpm A#maj
  2. Ian O'Donovan, Luca Gaeta - Magma (Original Mix) 07:28 128bpm A#maj
  3. Axel Karakasis - Double Secrets (Original Mix) 05:54 132bpm A#maj
  4. Kamara - Time Waits For No Man (Original Mix) 06:07 128bpm Amin
  5. Tømas Sinn - Second (Original Mix) 06:41 129bpm Fmaj
  6. Crazy Sonic - Into The Ocean (Original Mix) 06:34 129bpm Amin
  7. Adoo - Just Know (Original Mix) 06:27 130bpm Cmin
  8. Nico Cabeza - The Destroyer (Original Mix) 05:42 126bpm D#min
  9. Actwin - Cush Man (Original Mix) 06:54 132bpm Gmin
  10. Lerio Corrado - Andante (Original Mix) 05:09 132bpm Bmin
  11. Dekkai - Solaris (Original Mix) 07:28 122bpm Dmaj

We are happy to launch the 7th edition of our very successful Rockets VA series. With these compilations, we are focusing on new talent as well as well-known names on Tronic and this time we welcome 11 new and exclusive tracks ranging from melodic to straight forward techno. Please take a close listen as all these artists deserve your attention. Thanks for your support!


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