Pan-Pot April 2013 Charts

Pan-Pot April 2013 Charts

Artists: Various
Title: Pan-Pot April 2013 Charts
Genre: Techno, Tech House
Tracks: 10
Rls date: 05-04-2013

01. Roberto Capuano – Vertigo (Original Mix)
02. Julien Bracht – Acheronian (Original Mix)
03. Mark Broom – T Bone (Original Mix)
04. Luigi Madonna – New World (Joseph Capriati Remix)
05. Envoy – Dark Manoeuvres (Slam Remix)
06. Shlomi Aber – Limited By You (Original Mix)
07. Paul Ritch – Asteroid (Original Mix)
08. Slam, Pan-Pot -Media (Original Mix)
09. Julian Jeweil – Mad (Original Mix)
10. Simina Grigoriu & Mama – Kokopelli (Pan-Pot Remix)

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2 Responses

  1. tom says:

    lovely chart!

  2. addrian says:

    thank you

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