Mindhacker @ Frisky Radio (20-09-2011)


Mindhacker (Escapism Musique) set from Frisky Radio (20-09-2011)
Style: Tech House, Deep House
The set you are about to listen its mixed exclusive with tracks from Escapism Musique. Enjoy it !

Mindhacker – Frisky Radio by mindhacker


01. Soliman – L’oreille cassée (Original Mix) [Escapism Musique] {EM032}
02. Paul C – Last Paradise (Ronro & Ablive Remix) [Escapism Musique] {EM027}
03. Lownza – To Much Coffe (Francesco Bonora Remix) [Escapism Musique] {EM028}
04. Wally Stryk – Rio Negro (Original Mix) [Escapism Musique] {EM031}
05. Fog and Arara – Paraiso (Yapacc Remix) [Escapism Musique] {EM022}
06. Wally Stryk – Estacion (Jackspot Bass Remix) [Escapism Musique] {EM031}
07. Mehrnoosh – Blind Minded (Jordan Peak`s Rogue Rework) [Escapism Musique] {EM029}
08. Mindhacker & Sami Wentz – Late night Love (Original Mix) [Escapism Musique] {EMV003}
09. Fog & Skam – The Screaming Soul (Dirty Culture Remix) [Escapism Musique] {EM033}
10. Alex Piccini & Jean Bressan – Darwin (Rhadow Remix) [Escapism Musique] {EM024}
11. Francesco Bonora – Savage Pad (SCSI-9 Remix) [Escapism Musique] {EM025}
12. Yapacc – 777 (Yakine Remix) [Escapism Musique] {EM026}
13. Florian Gasperini & Jose MariaRamon – Summer Rain (Original Mix) [Escapism Musique] {EM030}
14. Guido Durante – Damage (Original Mix) [Escapism Musique] {EM030}
15. Yapacc – 888 (Matt Star Remix) [Escapism Musique] {EM026}

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