Cirque Digital – Monthly Mixtape May 2011 (mixed by DJ Agon)

In the end it’s all about electronic dance music…
Cirque Digital – Monthly Mixtape May 2011 (mixed by DJ Agon) by Cirque Digital

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Playlist “Monthly Mixtape May 2011″
Dollkraut – Loot – Doppelschall
Toby Tobias – Macasu (MCDE Loft Party Mix) – Latenightaudio
Genius of Time – Houston we have a problem – Royal Oak
Daniel Stefanik – One – Kann Records
Daniel Bortz – Don’t call – Suol
Session Victim – Landluft – Real Soon Limmited
Norm Talley – The journey (Scott Grooves Panther Remix) – Third Ear
Double Hill – Purple Hills – Double Standard
Iron Curtis – Brthrs (Basement Dub) – Dirt Crew
James Johnston – Sold out of your heart – 4 Lux
Alex Agore – Without cha – 4 Lux
Thomas Froehlich – Get us – Uncanny Valley
Technique & Yaroslove – Southwater (Alexkid Tool) – Cooltool Records
Kez YM – Dull me – Yore Records
Elef – Love tool – Dirt Crew
Moodymann – Amerika A Side – KDJ
Phil Weeks – That’s all right with me – Robsoul

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